April 12, 2024


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What To Wear On A Road Trip

What To Wear On A Road Trip Are you yearning for those meandering roads, your favorite tunes playing on repeat, the company of travel companions, and the wind tousling your hair? You’ve caught the road trip bug, my friend! It’s time to plan, but oh, the packing. What should you wear on a road trip? If this question plagues your mind, fret not. We’ve got you covered with the essentials, because the modern fashion mantra is “Be yourself.”

Introducing the Three Cs of road trip attire – Comfy, Casual, Chic. As you embark on this fashion journey, keep these three Cs in mind. It’s time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and streamline your travel bag because living out of a suitcase means limited choices. Here’s your roadmap for road trip style essentials.

Keep: T-shirts and Tank Tops

What To Wear On A Road Trip
What To Wear On A Road Trip

These wardrobe staples take up minimal space in your bag, providing comfort during warm car rides and serving as versatile layering pieces in cooler weather. Express your style with prints and logos, but also pack a few plain tees or neutral-colored tanks. You never know what surprises a long journey may hold. If you need to dial down the casualness, a plain white or black t-shirt comes to the rescue, effortlessly pairing with slacks and a blazer.

Leave: Anything Tight and Itchy

What To Wear On A Road Trip
What To Wear On A Road Trip

The fit of your clothing matters significantly during a road trip. Forget about visions of baggy shorts and frumpy sweaters; think more along the lines of well-worn jeans and comfortable shoes. The last thing you want is to suffer from shoe bites caused by new footwear or endure waistbands digging into your skin after hours of sitting. You’ll be seated for extended periods, so any attire that threatens to turn your car ride into an ordeal should stay at home or be reserved for non-driving days.

Keep: A Light Cardigan or Sweatshirt

What To Wear On A Road Trip
What To Wear On A Road Trip

Even if the sun promises to accompany you on your entire journey, recent weather trends might suggest otherwise. Thanks to global warming, the sun’s commitments are no longer reliable. Additionally, consider the impact of air conditioning, especially if you tend to feel chilly before others do. Many roadside establishments crank up their ACs during the peak of summer, so having a light cardigan or sweatshirt on hand is a wise choice.

Leave: Pointy Heels and Flip Flops

What To Wear On A Road Trip
What To Wear On A Road Trip

While flip-flops can find a place in your bag for leisurely strolls, they aren’t suitable for the car ride, especially if you’re the one driving. As for stilettos – you find them comfortable? Kudos! If you must bring heels for a special occasion, opt for wedges or block heels. However, keep them stashed away until you reach your destination. Say no to slip-ons or loose-fitting footwear that hinders pedal control while driving.

Keep: Hats, Socks, and Sunglasses

Prepare for varying weather conditions with a beanie for fall/winter and a summer hat or cap for spring/summer. As much as the idea of wind in your hair sounds dreamy, detangling your locks after the car ride might be less appealing. Scarves can also serve the purpose stylishly. Include a few pairs of socks in your travel bag; car floor vents can make your toes freeze when they’re out of your shoes. Sunglasses not only make a fashion statement but also shield your eyes from glare.

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Leave: Excessive Accessories

First and foremost, organizing and packing numerous necklaces, earrings, watches, hairpins, bags, and more can be a logistical challenge, especially with jewelry. When in doubt, opt for one or two versatile pieces that can multitask, such as a necklace that doubles as a bracelet or a sling bag with removable straps. If you plan to indulge in souvenir shopping, leave room in your travel bag for new accessories, meaning what stays at home stays at home.

Additional Road Trip Packing Tips:

  • Bring a denim jacket for that cool #OOTD post on Instagram and added comfort.
  • Choose low-maintenance styles with wrinkle-resistant fabrics like wool or synthetics (except for tees and tank tops, perfect for car rides).
  • Opt for leggings or drawstring pants; buttons, buckles, and belts can become uncomfortable during long hours of sitting.
  • Pack gloves, boots, and a raincoat/poncho for unexpected weather changes.
  • Consider a denim or flannel button-up shirt – stylish and warm.
  • Don’t forget a maxi dress or a long skirt for an easy, breezy, and cozy travel option.
  • Include an LBD (Little Black Dress) for day-to-night style transformations – it’s versatile and timeless.

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More Road Trip Fashion Tips:

For those who are still with us, let’s simplify things further with two golden rules for road trip attire:

  1. Dress and Pack for the Occasion: Tailor your outfit and packing choices to your destination and the expected weather conditions. As you get closer to your destination, consider changing into lighter clothing for warmer weather. If you plan to take a spontaneous dip in the sea along the way, wear your bathing suit under your road trip attire. And when anticipating a mid-day hike or shopping excursion, slip into comfortable sneakers for added convenience.
  2. Layering is Key: When it comes to travel fashion, layering is your best friend. Changing outfits in restrooms or by the roadside can be a hassle, especially when dealing with garments that need to be pulled over your head. Embrace zip-up sweatshirts, vests, button-down shirts, cardigans, jackets, and coats as essential road trip pieces. Layering provides comfort and adaptability throughout your journey.

Remember, these guidelines are here to assist you, but don’t forget to be yourself. Road trips are all about enjoying the adventure. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Be ready to pause and savor the scenery. Strike a pose and keep those #Roadtrip #OOTD looks flowing on your social media. And if you’re looking for a break from driving, find parking near you right here.