October 4, 2023


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How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer

How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer In the world of Honda odometers, Trip A and Trip B play a significant role, working in tandem to provide valuable information. Trip A represents the mileage accumulated since the last fill-up, while Trip B estimates the distance traveled during a specific journey. These designations are visible through the digital odometer, a standard feature in most Honda models since the early 2000s, and can be controlled using a dedicated button located near the speedometer.

Honda’s odometer functions are incredibly reliable, helping you keep track of oil consumption between fill-ups. However, if you’re new to owning a Honda, there’s more to learn about Trip A and Trip B, and we’ll cover it all in this blog.

Understanding Trip A:

How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer
How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer

Trip A on your Honda odometer displays the mileage accumulated over a specific duration, typically the distance covered between two fill-ups. This feature allows you to gauge how long a tank of gas lasts for your vehicle, offering a convenient way to monitor fuel efficiency. To reset Trip A and obtain accurate data, follow this simple procedure:

  1. Press and hold the reset button on the meter.
  2. Wait for Trip A to reset to zero.
  3. Release the button, and you’re done.

However, Trip A has another useful function. You can also use it to record your Honda’s lifetime mileage, depending on when you reset the meter.

Understanding Trip B:

How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer
How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer

Trip B operates similarly to Trip A but functions as an independent meter. This means that if you reset Trip A, Trip B remains unaffected. Typically, Trip B serves as a short-term mileage gauge, but it can also be used for long-term mileage tracking. The mileage reading continues to accumulate until you manually reset it, at which point it resets to zero.

The process of resetting Trip B is identical to that of Trip A.

Differences Between Trip A and Trip B:

How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer
How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer

While both Trip A and Trip B serve the purpose of mileage tracking, one key distinction sets them apart. Trip A is intended to be reset after each fill-up, providing data for a specific period. In contrast, Trip B can be left running indefinitely, accumulating mileage data with no predetermined limit.

So, if you need to calculate the fuel economy for a specific period, use Trip A. On the other hand, if you want a comprehensive total estimation of mileage, Trip B is the more suitable choice.

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How to Read Trip A & B on the Odometer:

How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer
How To Switch From Trip Meter To Odometer

On your Honda’s dashboard, you’ll typically find a small rectangular digital display with six digits. To access Trip A, simply press the button, and you’ll see the mileage displayed on the odometer. Press the button again to switch to Trip B, and the screen will show the mileage data recorded by Trip B.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can you turn off Trip A & B functions? Yes, you can temporarily turn off these functions by clearing the reserved data in the trip odometer. This is done by resetting the trip odometer. However, the functions cannot be permanently turned off, and they will resume when you start driving again after a reset.
  • Can resetting Trip B affect Trip A? No, resetting Trip B does not impact Trip A. The trip meters have separate buttons for resetting. Resetting the entire odometer, however, will affect both trip meters.
  • Where do I find the odometer in Honda? The odometer in a Honda is typically located on the dashboard. Newer models feature digital odometers, while older models have mechanical ones.

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Wrapping Up:

At the conclusion of this blog, we trust that you now have a thorough understanding of how Trip A and Trip B function in Honda odometers. These features empower you with valuable insights into your vehicle’s mileage performance. Should you have further questions, consider consulting your Honda’s manual, which provides concise information on the functions of Trip A and Trip B.