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What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow

What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow Completing the Leveling Campaign: For those who enjoy thoroughness, you might find yourself at level 70 before finishing the leveling campaign. To progress in the story, completing the storyline for all zones on the Dragon Isles is a requirement. Thanks to the new leveling phasing system that scales zones to your level, each area remains an appropriate challenge.

However, it’s important to note that side quests are not included

What A Long Sweet Trip It'S Been Wow
What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow

Only the main campaign quests. You can always return later to complete the side quests in other zones to work toward your Loremaster of the Dragon Isles achievement.

Embarking on the Level 70 Story Campaign: With the leveling campaign behind you, it’s time to dive into the level 70 campaign. While not all branches are unlocked at the time of writing, there’s still significant story progression to experience. This campaign continues to follow the tale of the Dragon Aspects as they strive to reclaim their lost power, a storyline that began in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm when they sacrificed their power to defeat Deathwing.

What lies ahead for the Aspects is yours to discover and unveil. Keep in mind that certain quest lines may require a specific level of renown with the new allies you’ve encountered during your adventures in the Dragon Isles.

Exploring Iskaara Tuskarr Fishing Holes: As you level up

What A Long Sweet Trip It'S Been Wow
What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow

Completing both the main campaign and some side quests should grant you Renown 4 with the Iskaara Tuskarr. This unlocks the ‘Fishing Holes’ reward, revealing these spots throughout the Dragon Isles. These fishing locations offer substantial Iskaara Tuskarr reputation.

In exchange for turning in 20 of each type of fish found in the basic fishing profession, you receive 200 renown on the first turn-in and 5 on subsequent ones. These fishing areas spawn pools of each type of base Dragon Isles fish nearby to assist you in meeting this goal.

Key Farming: During the main story questline, you reunite with the beloved Wrathion and encounter a new black dragon claiming to be his older brother, Sabellian. Upon completing their questline, you must wait until level 70 to gain more favor with them.

Every week, you can choose to gain favor with either Wrathion or Sabellian after completing the ‘Allegiance to One!’ World Quest. You can alternate between them each week. Following this, you can slay elite mobs around the Obsidian Citadel to obtain key frames and key fragments. You need 3 Key Framings and 30 Key Fragments to create an Obsidian Key.

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Once you have a key, you can turn it in to either Wrathion or Sabellian 

What A Long Sweet Trip It'S Been Wow
What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow

(depending on your allegiance for the week) to gain reputation and receive a chest containing items for turning into rep for other factions, and occasionally, a piece of gear.

Confronting Primal Storms: Similar to the pre-patch for Dragonflight, the expansion features Primal Storms that randomly appear throughout the Dragon Isles once you reach level 70. Typically, numerous Custom Groups on different realms are farming the current Primal Storm, and you can contribute, regardless of your item level.

After defeating a few mobs, you should acquire an item called ‘Elemental Overflow,’ which triggers a quest named ‘Supporting The Storm Researchers.’ By turning it in to an NPC in Valdrakken named Mythressa, you unlock a currency that allows you to purchase 359 gear. Mythressa’s companion, Rethelshi, offers a quest called ‘Storm Surge,’ which grants another currency: “Storm Sigils.” These can be used to upgrade Mythressa’s 359 gear to item level 385.

Exploring the Ruby Feast Questline: Upon reaching level 70, a unique storyline in Valdrakken, known as The Ruby Feast, becomes available. You can find this tucked away area not far from the main hub of the city, offering seemingly random side quests. The reward from this questline, however, bestows one of the easiest cooking recipes in Dragonflight.

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This journey takes you around the Dragon Isles

What A Long Sweet Trip It'S Been Wow
What A Long Sweet Trip It’S Been Wow

Collecting ingredients for the Rumi and Chef Morsel. After completing five separate daily quests, you’ll receive your final reward: ‘What a Long Sweet Trip it Has Been,’ granting you the recipe needed to create a delightful feast! Even if you’ve deleted previous rewards from your bags, you can still savor the variety of food you helped the dragon create on your journey.

Engaging in World Quests: World of Warcraft is renowned for its end-game content, particularly world quests that beckon end-game players back to their cherished leveling zones for a diverse array of tasks each day.

Dragonflight introduces a departure from previous expansions in terms of world quests. Instead of refreshing daily, they renew every three days. This provides ample time for all types of players to complete their world quests before the next batch becomes available!

Like most world quests from past expansions, the rewards span from gold and gear to bonus reputation with the factions of the Dragon Isles.

Participating in Weekly Events: What’s new to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is the introduction of weekly events. While these events occur daily and can offer multiple rewards upon completion, you’ll want to tackle them at least once a week to claim their substantial first-time completion rewards!

Grand Hunts entail hunting in specific Dragon Isles areas assigned by the Maruuk Centaur. You unlock these hunts once you reach Renown 5 with the faction.

The Siege of Dragonbane Keep unfolds in the Waking Shores and becomes available after you achieve Renown 5 with the Valdrakken Accord.

Then there are the Community Feasts, located within Iskaara in the Azure Plains, and they unlock at Renown 3 with the Iskaara Tuskarr. These events occur every three hours!

Each event offers a mix of gear, mounts, pets, recipes, and reputation as rewards.

Engaging in Weekly Dungeon Quests: Another novel feature of Dragonflight is the NPCs that offer weekly dungeon quests. Across from the building where you turn in Elemental Overflow, you’ll find the Azure Archives Annex. Inside, two NPCs, Theldren and Kemora, offer you one quest each for a random Dragonflight dungeon.

These quests require you to enter the dungeons and defeat the final boss to acquire an item. In return, you gain 100 Dragon Isle supplies and can earn 250 reputation with all of the Dragonflight factions.

After completing both quests, they’ll reset only after your region’s weekly reset day, allowing you to obtain another reputation boost each week.

The latest expansion is brimming with content, and these nine activities to undertake at level 70 are just the beginning of the Dragon Isles’ end-game adventures. For the first time in World of Warcraft history, developers have provided players with a roadmap of what lies ahead!