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How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip

How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip Kwik Trip, with over 500 locations statewide, is increasingly establishing itself as a go-to neighborhood grocery and convenience store. In addition to its typical gas station offerings, the chain is renowned for providing fresh produce and other essential grocery items. But how do their prices stack up against a traditional grocery store?

To assess this, we conducted a price comparison, pitting Kwik Trip against Walmart and Pick ‘n Save. We gave priority to store brand prices where available and used a standard list of grocery items that we’ve used in previous price comparison studies.

Our comprehensive grocery list comprises various items, including almond milk, whole wheat bread, bacon, bananas, ground beef, butter, Cheerios, Cheez-Its, eggs, flour, canned green beans, strawberry jam, peanut butter, iceberg lettuce, milk, naval oranges, paper towels, and toilet paper. Triscuits, present in previous comparisons, were omitted due to the lack of store brand alternatives.

How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip
How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip

Price Trends: Grocery Prices in 2023

How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip
How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip

While we’re only two months into the year, grocery prices, particularly for eggs, have been a hot topic among Wisconsinites. In a previous comparison from November, our shopping basket at Walmart, with an emphasis on Walmart’s store brand, Great Value, totaled $46.05, after excluding the cost of Triscuits. In this month’s assessment, the same list came to $48.48. Notably, the price of a dozen Great Value eggs decreased from $3.26 in November to $2.87.

The highest-cost food items on the list were Great Value butter and store brand ground beef, priced at $4.48 and $4.36, respectively. The most expensive item overall was a six-pack of toilet paper at $7.92.

In July 2022, we conducted a similar comparison at Pick ‘n Save, evaluating the cost of groceries for both name brands and store brands. Back then, the total cost of store brand items came to $53.42, minus the price of Triscuits. Revisiting the store this year, the total cost of store brand items increased to $56.60. A dozen store brand eggs at Pick ‘n Save now costs $4.69, and the priciest item on the list remained a six-pack of toilet paper at $7.49.

Both Walmart and Pick ‘n Save witnessed a modest $2 to $3 increase in the total cost of the grocery list compared to the previous year.

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Kwik Trip: Convenience vs. Price

How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip
How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip offers a respectable selection of groceries, including produce and take-home meals, making it a convenient option for items one might not want to travel to a full grocery store for.

Most of the items on our grocery list were available at Kwik Trip, with the exceptions being oranges, canned green beans, full-sized Cheerios, and Cheez-Its. The chain also offers its own store brand alternatives for most items, except for almond milk, flour, peanut butter, and jelly. Accounting for the missing items and name brand alternatives, our shopping list totaled $50.56 at Kwik Trip.

If you were to purchase the items not available at Kwik Trip from Walmart, the total cost would be $55.98. While this price is lower than Pick ‘n Save’s total, Walmart still maintains the lowest overall cost.

Kwik Trip priced their eggs at $3.99, with their store brand bacon being the most expensive item on our list at $4.99. While they don’t provide a six-pack of toilet paper, they do offer a four-pack alternative for $3.69, translating to approximately $0.92 per roll, compared to $1.24 per roll at Pick ‘n Save and $1.32 per roll at Walmart.

While some items were more affordable at Kwik Trip, such as butter, ground beef, and eggs, others appeared to be double the price compared to a traditional grocery store, such as peanut butter, jelly, and almond milk.

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Kwik Trip customers may choose to pay a bit extra for the convenience

How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip
How Much Is Butter At Kwik Trip

Of having a nearby location, and with 501 Kwik Trip outlets scattered across the state, many don’t have to travel far to find a store, with some cities boasting multiple locations.