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What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport

What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport Frontier Airlines, renowned for its budget-friendly fares and convenient flight schedules, offers access to over 100 domestic and 31 international destinations, making it a favored choice among thrifty travelers. For those using Ontario International Airport (ONT) as their gateway, this article provides an in-depth exploration of Frontier Airlines’ terminal location, along with essential travel tips, amenities, services, parking options, ground transportation, and more.

Frontier Airlines Terminal Location at Ontario Airport

What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport
What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport

Frontier Airlines operates primarily from Terminal 2 at Ontario International Airport (ONT). This terminal serves as the hub for both arrivals and departures involving Frontier Airlines flights. Situated just 2 miles east of downtown Ontario, California, ONT Airport caters to the Inland Empire and the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

ONT Airport comprises three terminals, namely the International Terminal, Terminal 2 (utilized by Frontier Airlines), and Terminal 4. The International Terminal is exclusively designated for international arrival flights.

Frontier Airlines Services at Ontario Airport

What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport
What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport

Frontier Airlines provides a range of services to enhance the travel experience for its passengers at Ontario Airport. These services include:

  • TSA PreCheck
  • Customer Service
  • Ticket Counters
  • Board First Service
  • Airport Agent Assistance
  • Courtesy Boarding
  • Zone 1 Boarding
  • Special Services

Frontier’s check-in, ticket counters, and baggage services are conveniently located within Terminal 2. Ticket counters are operational from two hours before the scheduled departure time until 45 minutes prior to takeoff. Passengers flying with Frontier have the option of utilizing self-service kiosks, online check-in, or the Frontier Mobile App for check-in procedures at Ontario Airport. Specific requirements, such as oversized baggage, unpaid balances, unaccompanied minors, and traveling with pets, necessitate a visit to the ticket counter. Similarly, passengers requiring itinerary modifications, special services, or firearm declarations are advised to seek assistance at the ticket counter.

Ground Transportation Facilities at Ontario Airport

What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport
What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport

ONT Airport offers various ground transportation options to cater to passengers’ diverse needs:

  • Rental Car Center: ONT features a Rental Car Center housing 10 car rental providers, ensuring travelers find their required vehicles with ease.
  • Ride-Share Apps: Passengers at ONT can conveniently access ride-share services through websites and mobile applications.
  • Airport Shuttles: Shuttle services at ONT run at intervals of 5 to 20 minutes, with pick-up and drop-off points situated at the Terminal Islands, positioned between the parking lots and terminal buildings.
  • Bus & Rail Transportation: ONT Airport is well-connected with Southern California Bus and Rail Providers, offering transportation to and from the airport. Services by Amtrak, Foothill Transit, Metrolink, Omnitrans, and Greyhound are readily available.

Frontier Airlines Departures and Arrivals at Ontario Airport

Frontier Airlines handles both departures and arrivals at Terminal 2 within Ontario Airport. Passengers are encouraged to verify their flight status before heading to the airport. Checking flight status in advance can help mitigate confusion or delays, ensuring compliance with any specific instructions or guidelines in effect.

Aspire Lounge at Ontario Airport

What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport
What Terminal Is Frontier At Ontario Airport

While Frontier Airlines does not operate its own lounge service at Ontario Airport, passengers can access the Aspire Lounge located in ONT Terminals 2 and 4. This lounge offers a premium experience, including complimentary food, beverages, exclusive restrooms, and additional amenities.

Amenities provided by Aspire Lounge encompass:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Business Facilities
  • Charging Stations
  • Flight Information
  • Complimentary Hot Food
  • Complimentary Snacks & Treats
  • Complimentary Soft Drinks
  • Runway Views
  • Acceptance of Amex Platinum & Centurion Cards
  • Acceptance of Priority Pass

Passengers can access Aspire Lounge by purchasing a daily pass or booking directly on-site. No requirement exists to travel in First Class or Business Class, or be enrolled in any frequent flyer programs. Lounge access can be easily obtained, affording passengers the opportunity to enjoy complimentary food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating with splendid views.

Dining and Shopping Facilities at Ontario Airport

ONT Airport boasts a variety of restaurants and retail shops where passengers can savor delectable cuisine, enjoy beverages, and indulge in shopping experiences.

Restaurants in ONT Terminal 2:

  • Pizza Vino (Gate 205): Offering pizzas and sandwiches.
  • Tap & Pour (Gate 204): Ideal for quick bites.
  • Yo-Kai Express (Gate 212): Providing quick bite options through vending.

Retail Shops in ONT Terminal 2:

  • 3Sixty (Gate 207): Offers fast-service gifts.
  • Evolve by Hudson (Gate 208): Features books, magazines, cards, and gifts.
  • Hudson News (Gate 205): Stocks books, magazines, cards, and gifts.

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Parking Facilities at Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport provides a range of parking options tailored to meet travelers’ preferences:

  • Lots 2 and 4: These lots accommodate both overnight general and premium parking. Notably, they offer the flexibility of parking for shorter durations, making them suitable for brief visits. Whether for a quick drop-off or a few hours of parking, Lots 2 and 4 provide options ranging from as short as 30 minutes up to 4 hours. Moreover, they are conveniently situated within walking distance of the airport terminals, facilitating easy access to check-ins or arrivals.
  • Lots 3 and 5: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers, Lots 3 and 5 offer cost-effective parking choices. Lots 2, 3, and 4 are within proximity to the airport terminals, ensuring travelers can reach their destinations on foot. Lot 5 enhances the travel experience by providing a courtesy shuttle service between the terminals, simplifying passenger transfers.

Additionally, Ontario Airport caters to eco-conscious travelers by offering electric vehicle parking options in Lots 2 and 4, allowing electric car owners to charge their vehicles during their absence, ensuring readiness for the return journey. The airport also offers a pre-booking service for parking spaces, guaranteeing travelers a reserved spot and a contactless experience to save time and effort upon arrival. For those solely picking up passengers, the cell phone waiting lot provides a practical solution, allowing drivers to wait comfortably in their vehicles until arriving passengers are ready for pick-up, without incurring parking fees.

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Car Rental Services at Ontario Airport

Ontario Airport’s Rental Car Center features several prominent rental car providers to cater to passengers’ diverse needs. Travelers can count on these rental car companies to assist them in selecting the ideal vehicle for their requirements. To secure a rental car for your journey, it is advisable to contact one of these companies in advance of your trip or upon arrival at the airport. Reserving in advance ensures that your preferred vehicle is ready and waiting when you need it. The Rental Car Center at ONT Airport offers a complimentary shuttle service connecting passengers to the rental car counters, simplifying the transportation process.

Rental Car Companies at ONT Airport:

  • Alamo: 1-800-327-9633
  • Avis: 1-800-831-2847
  • Budget: 1-800-527-7000
  • Dollar: 1-866-434-2226
  • Enterprise: 1-800-