July 19, 2024


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What To Bring To Eras Tour

What To Bring To Eras Tour When Taylor Swift announced her Eras tour, I, like countless fans worldwide, couldn’t wait to attend. I had an idyllic plan: road trip with fellow Swiftie friends, tailgate outside the venue, take group selfies, and enjoy the concert together. It was meant to be a perfect bonding experience.

However, reality took a different turn. Ticketmaster’s public on-sale left me empty-handed while some friends got lucky. After sulking for a while, I managed to secure a single press ticket for one of the Chicago shows in June. But as thrilled as I was to attend Eras, I was also anxious. I’d be alone amidst 60,000-plus concertgoers, most of whom I assumed would be there with friends or partners. No tailgating, no group selfies, just me, myself, and Taylor Swift for over five hours.

Despite my nervousness, I was determined not to let anxiety spoil my experience. If you’re attending Eras solo and have worries about it, here are some tried-and-true tips to make the most of the show:

1. Let the Swiftie Experience Begin Early

What To Bring To Eras Tour
What To Bring To Eras Tour

Before reaching the stadium, I found myself immersed in a sea of Taylor Swift fans at the airport, Starbucks, and throughout Chicago. Everyone’s excitement boosted my energy and made me feel like part of a larger group. The city was Taylor Swift-themed, from store speakers blaring her songs to show signs on street corners. It helped ease day-of jitters.

2. Create Friendship Bracelets for Trading

Many Eras tour attendees make Taylor-themed friendship bracelets for trading at the show. I made some in advance and took them with me to the venue, intending to chat with other fans and maybe make friends. Unfortunately, nerves got the better of me, and I didn’t end up trading. Don’t make the same mistake; trade away!

3. Compliment Other Fans’ Outfits

What To Bring To Eras Tour
What To Bring To Eras Tour

Another way to connect with fellow fans is to compliment their outfits. Many Eras tour attendees dress up in costumes based on Taylor’s lyrics or inside jokes. While walking around the stadium, I admired some impressive outfits, struck up conversations with those who impressed me, and had sweet interactions with fans excited to showcase their looks.

4. Pass Time in Merch and Food Lines

I had initially planned to wait for the openers before getting merch and food, anticipating shorter lines. But arriving at the stadium with ample time to spare, I decided to join the epic lines instead. Waiting in line gave me something to do and allowed me to chat with other fans, making the time pass quickly.

5. Explore the Stadium

After getting my merch and a drink, I explored the stadium, taking in food vendors, activations, and the bustling crowd. It filled my time and heightened my excitement for the show. Observing everyone’s pre-show buzz was invigorating.

6. Capture the Photos You Want

While at my floor seat, I noticed fans nearby lining up for photos near the stage. I knew I wanted a similar shot but felt awkward asking someone else to take my photo. Eventually, I gathered the courage and asked a woman to snap some pictures. It paid off with fantastic solo shots, and I was relieved I didn’t let my anxiety deter me.

7. Remind Yourself of Why You’re There

What To Bring To Eras Tour
What To Bring To Eras Tour

Feeling paranoid and self-conscious about being alone among groups of concertgoers is natural. I reminded myself that people likely weren’t thinking about me as much as I feared. Regardless, I was there to see Taylor Swift, and that’s all that mattered. This perspective helped me overcome paranoia.

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8. Embrace the Awkwardness

Admit it; it’s awkward to attend a concert alone. There were moments when I wondered if I looked weird dancing or singing alone. I pushed these thoughts aside and enjoyed the music. Being awkward is okay; the music is meant to be enjoyed.

9. Immerse Yourself in the Music

At most concerts, distractions prevent me from fully experiencing the show. Attending Eras alone allowed me to absorb every note, sing along to every word, and savor every moment. Immersing myself in the music heightened my concert experience.

10. Watch Your Phone Battery

What To Bring To Eras Tour
What To Bring To Eras Tour

Ensure your phone battery is sufficient, especially if you’re attending alone. I put my phone on airplane mode to conserve battery, which proved helpful for navigation afterward. Consider bringing a portable charger for added security.

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11. Keep the High Going After the Show

The concert may end, but the camaraderie continues. After leaving the stadium, I encountered fans who shared my joy. The day after the show, I met others who attended and exchanged friendship bracelets. Going solo had its ups and downs, but it was worth it for the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Attending Eras alone was a memorable adventure, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Nerves can’t diminish the magic of seeing Taylor Swift perform and being part of something larger than oneself.