June 7, 2023


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Comprehensive Luxury Jordan Itinerary - Experience the Best of Jordan

Comprehensive Luxury Jordan Itinerary – Experience the Best of Jordan

Working day 2 – Umm Qais

For your very first comprehensive working day in Jordan, you are heading two hrs north of Amman to discover Umm Qais and the ruins of the Decapolis city of Gadara. With 4 hours of driving in advance of you, make breakfast effortless by eating at Colours Restaurant in the Landmark. It is an all-working day buffet that starts at 6:30 am, so you can have a feed-up and get rolling on the road.

Umm Qais is positioned in the significantly north of Jordan on a ridge 1,240 ft above sea level, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights, and the Yarmouk River gorge. As you’d expect, the area has usually been of strategic importance, including 1 of the most decisive battles in the record of the environment, the Battle of the Yarmuk, which correctly finished Christian control of the middle east for over a thousand several years.

We advise employing a proficient area guideline when traveling to Umm Qais to enhance your working experience. To entirely maximize your day, you can reserve more ordeals from Baraka Destinations, which includes olive selecting, beekeeping, basket weaving, and stone masonry. These actions were critical to historical Umm Qais and are preserved these days through eco-tours like Baraka.

I stopped in to use the restrooms at the famous Umm Qais Rest Home. The food items looked so good that I was tempted to continue to be, but I had booked a exclusive lunch at Galsoum Kitchen, which was remarkable. Our host, Galsoum Al Sayyah, cooked a full traditional Jordanian food, but I fell in like with the Makmoura. The dish translates as “buried,” but our hostess described it as “Jordan lasagna.” Makmoura is dough with chicken and onions and sluggish baked to a golden brown. She stated it normally takes 5 hrs to get ready a food like this, and she employs regional females to continue to keep these traditions alive.

You will split your Umm Qais working day among touring the ruins and Baraka Locations things to do, but be certain to see the begin of the Jordan Path. It’s a extensive-length climbing or biking path that takes you from the far north of Umm Qais to the Purple Sea coast at Aqaba.

With 4 several hours of driving time and a whole slate of routines, this is a extensive day, so it’s a great time to consider gain of the six on-premise dining places ready for you upon your return to the Landmark Resort in Amman.